Mefenamic Acid, Pain Relief Medication Due to Toothache

The pain that arises when you experience tooth pain is very disturbing activity. Especially if the pain does not disappear or even get worse over time. To help relieve pain due to toothache, doctors will usually recommend the use of pain medications such as mefenamic acid. Toothache is pain or pain around the tooth caused by various factors, such as cavities, teeth cracking, fractures or broken teeth, to gum infections. Besides pain, other symptoms that you can feel when you experience toothache are swelling around the teeth or gums, fever, and headache. One drug that works to relieve symptoms of toothache is mefenamic acid. Benefits of Mefenamic Acid to Overcome Toothaches Mefenamic acid is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug group (NSAID) that serves to reduce mild to moderate pain, and inflammation caused by certain diseases. Usually, its use is intended to deal with various pains, such as: Pain due to toothache and menstruation. Muscle and joint pain. Headache. Postoper
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